Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blog Tag--Melanie Edition

Last Friday, Sarah McCanless tagged me in a blogging meme designed to help bloggers get to know each other. Here are the rules:

1. Post the rules. 
2. Tag up to eleven bloggers by posting links to their blogs, and let them know.
3. Create eleven questions for the people you’ve tagged. 
4. Answer the questions your tagger posed for you. 
5. Have fun!

Instead of tagging other bloggers, I'm hoping to get 10 bloggers to volunteer. Here's what you do--The questions for you to answer are at the end of this post. Answer the questions in your blog and put the link to your blog post in the comments section of this post. Next week I'll copy the link to your blog in my post. It's lots of fun, and a great opportunity to help us get to know you.

Sheena--this doesn't apply to you. As the next Proser in line, you're my 11th blogger. TAG! You're it!

Sarah's questions, and my answers:

1. What should you be doing right now instead of blogging?

Making dinner
Checking on the kids who are outside
Forcing (cajoling? bribing?) the kids who are inside to go outside

2. What was the last book you read that you couldn't put down?

I just reread The Hunger Games. Seriously, it was just as good this time around. But the last book I totally couldn't put down that I was reading for the first time...that's harder. I really enjoyed Around The World In 100 Days. And I'm currently reading The Clockwork Prince. It's pretty hard to pry out of my fingers.


3. What is your guilty pleasure?

Anything available on Netflix that has a spy in it. Also, food.

4. Based on what’s in your house right now, how prepared are you for the zombie apocalypse?

I'm a Mormon, and Mormons believe in food storage. I also live near many bodies of water, so I think I'm  good.

The kids think this next picture is a good idea. Seems a bit pricey The kids Th
The kids think this next picture is a good idea. Seems a bit pricey considering the low probability that the zombie apocalypse will begin in New England while there's a hard frost in the ground.

5. If you could be the main character in any fiction genre, which genre would you choose?

This is an interesting question that cuts to the heart of why no one will ever cast me as a main character in ANYTHING. I'm not tough enough.  On the other hand, I'd love to be one of the nameless students in the Harry Potter series. Maybe someone who gets to hang out with Fred and George. That'd be good.

If it wasn't for the whole indoor-plumbing problem and the other hygiene issues, my answer would be much, much different. See Sabrina's post for some examples of historical fiction I wouldn't mind being a part of.

6. You tumble through the looking glass or the magic closet or whatever, and find yourself the heroine in an urban fantasy novel. Describe your tramp stamp. 

My teenage daughter and I spent several minutes laughing about this one. Me with a tattoo? If you know me, you're probably laughing too. Perhaps some musical notes that would play the opening lines to Jessica's Theme--my favorite song to play on the piano. Pretty terrifying, I know.

7. What is your weapon of choice?

I'm thinking bombs.

8. You go into your local dive bar to look for information about the seedy magical underbelly of your urban fantasy world. You order the usual. What is it?

A Mojito. I'm a big fan of limes.
Virgin of course. (Please refer to the Zombie Apocolypse question)

9. A vampire, a werewolf, and a zombie walk in to the bar. After you kill the zombie, which one do you flirt with to further your romantic subplot?

The shadowhunter.

10. Another looking glass sends you into a historical romance. What is the time period and setting of your story?

All issues of plumbing aside, I think I'd choose the time period of the Napoleonic Wars or the French Revolution. Horatio Hornblower, Frederick Wentworth, the Scarlet Pimpernel, Scaramouche.

11. How long is your love interest’s hair?

He calls it high and tight right after it's cut, but it's been a few weeks, so it's starting to curl a little around the edges. He's super cute, but that's why he's my love interest, right?

My 11 questions for you!:

1. You are sick as a dog, you poor baby. You're flat on the couch for the day. What do you watch on TV?
2. What's the last book you couldn't put down? (stealing this one from Sarah)
3.  What's your favorite comic strip?
4. What is one of your favorite quotes?
5. A vampire, a werewolf, and a zombie walk in to the bar. After you kill the zombie, which one do you flirt with to further your romantic subplot? (also stolen from Sarah)
6. What is your favorite style or genre of literature?
7. You've been working on the same list of questions for an hour now, and they aren't getting any more interesting. You've got to get away from this document before you scream. What do you do?
8. When did you start writing, and why?
9. What is the next book in your "To Be Read" pile?
10. If you start a book and don't care for it, how much of a chance do you give it before you toss it aside?
11. How many characters have you killed over the course of your career?


  1. Melanie, I love your answers, particularly the treadmill defense :) I like the idea of the opening notes of a song in a tattoo... I don't have any tattoos and can't imagine ever wanting one. Too big a commitment. I can't even pick a bedspread I'd want to live with forever.

    And a little curl around the edges is just exactly perfect :) Thanks for participating!!

  2. Melanie, you are hillarious. I love the zombie house defense and that canning picture.

    It's fun getting to know you better. :)

  3. Quick note: I'm withdrawing my accolades for The Clockwork Prince. Too sexed up for me. :( It is a pity that Cassandra Clare is choosing to go down this road. She's such a talented author.

  4. By the way, I loved your questions. Too fun to answer. Hope you are feeling better.


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