Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hunger Games Game

Pssst, bet you haven't heard:

The Hunger Games movie comes out Friday!

Early reviews are excellent. So, in honor of the movie, I thought a little question and answer quiz might be fun.

1.  My friend was so disappointed by the actress chosen for Katniss - she didn't look a thing like what she'd imagined. I thought Katniss was perfect, but Peeta, not so much.
So, if you could pick one actor and replace him/her, who would you pick? Why? And for bonus points, who would you rather see in the role? Here is a list of characters.

2.  If you had to be a tribute, what District would you want to be from?

3.  If you were a tribute, what super secret talent would you wow the judges with?

4.  You have a day off and can do anything  you want. Besides Katniss, Peeta and Gale, which character would you want to spend your day with, and what would you do?

5.  If Prim had gone to the games instead of Katniss, which tribute would have won the games?

6.  What are your top three books made into movies that really worked for you?

7.  If Cinna were to design something for you, what would it look like?

8.  Effie effuses: 'May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.' What quip would you make up to describe the games?

9.  Who's going to the midnight showing?


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  1. These are hard questions! I need to re-read the book so I'm really up on all my details. 1) Casting: I've looked at the pictures of everyone on IMDB. Katniss is pretty good in my opinion. Of course every heroine looks more like me in my mind :) Peeta and Gale both seem to capture the gist of what I was imagining, at least in the previews. The worst casting I've ever seen was Twilight. I hated every single choice. It would be hard for any movie to disappoint me after that...

    Skipping down to #6) Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Green Gables, and Anne of Green Gables—the 1985 production with Megan Follows. Okay, I'm cheating, but seriously, that was the best book adaptation I've ever seen ever, especially in the casting. (I don't remember Anne of Avonlea very well so I'm not adding it to the list.) More recently, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was pretty good (Swedish version, haven't seen American) and I thought Never Let Me Go captured the feel of that book pretty well, even if I didn't love the cast.

    But have you seen Anne of Green Gables? Because really, Anne of Green Gables.

    And skipping down to #9) HAH! As if.

  2. I'm so excited for this movie. My husband and I got a date all set for Friday.

    Here are my answer.

    1. Katniss looks so wrong to me. She should have olive skin and dark eyes, but I don't really care as long as does a good job.

    2.I'd like to be from District 1 so that someone would volunteer to go in my place.

    3. I have shot a rifle before though I doubt they'd be amazed.

    4. Cinna all the way. I love Cinna.

    5. Fox face

    6. The first few Harry Potter movies were perfect. I also liked The Scarlet Pimpernel movie with Jane Seymore more than the book. Same with The Count of Monte Cristo (2002). Oh, and Jurassic Park.

    7. No idea. I'm so not a fashionista

    I'm skipping 8 and 9 is a big no.

    Fun post, Susan. :)

  3. 1. For some reason, I'm really happy with most of the casting decisions. Cinna was my least favorite decision,though I don't know who I'd want. Originally I was hoping William Mosely would be Peeta.

    2. What MaryAnn said.

    3.Stand up comedy.

    4. Does Finnick even make an appearance in book 1? Because he is probably my favorite. But maybe that's cheating, so Cinna is a close second.

    5. Cato.

    6. Horatio Hornblower, by A&E, Pride and Prejudice by the BBC (with funding from A&E, strangely enough) and Ann of Green Gables by PBS, though I wouldn't have thought of that one without Mary Ann's help.

    7. A really sexy looking robe and slippers.

    8. I've got nothing.

    9. I wish, I wish, I wish I was, but I promised my husband we would make sure it wasn't too violent for my 13 year old before we went. Not that we'll be able to keep him away no matter what, but not going to the midnight showing is called compromise.

  4. Oops! It was Sarah who thought of Ann of Green Gables, not Mary Ann. Man, I wish there was an edit button on this thing. Sorry, Sarah!

  5. @Sarah, I agree w. the Twilight casting - meh. I've never seen/read Never Let Me Go before - off to Netflix to see if it's on instant.

    @MaryAnn, I love Cinna, too.

    @Melanie, I just looked up William Mosely. Yeah, he would have been good. LOL - standup. Since I'm totally sick, I can identify w. your #7, except I want the robe warm and snuggly, maybe with a built in kleenex dispenser.

  6. 1. I thought they did a good job with casting Katniss. That actress seems vicious, thoughtful, strong, and conflicted. That's trickier to find than an actress with an olive complexion. Peeta I'm iffy on, but I'll give him a chance. I love the choice for Cinna, even though a lot of my friends have complained about it. Kravitz exudes cool, who cares if he's not an actor? Cinna isn't very talkative anyway. I think it'll work well... I think they did a good job casting, but I'll tell you for sure after I've seen it.

    2. I like MaryAnn's answer on this one.

    3. Hiding.

    4. I'd want to hang out with Rue, swinging through the trees.

    5. Not Prim. Probably still Katniss, because she would have broken in, and killed everybody who tried to touch her sister.

    6. Anne of Green Gables (brilliant), Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth), and the newest Mansfield Park.

    7.Um... Cool?

    8. Death...heartbreak... and five pages devoted to Prim's goat.

    I loved the book, but if I had been involved in the pre-production of the book, I'd take those five pages where Peeta and Katniss are in the cave, and Katniss flashes back to the time she got a goat for her sister, and then proceeds (for the next several pages) to tell a lie about the time she got a goat for her sister, and burn them. Seriously. Destroyed the dread for me.

    9. Nope. I need my sleep.

  7. 1. I've not looked at too many pictures of the actors (I like to know as little as possible about a movie before I see it - I like to be surprised). I will say that the actor they cast as Gale looks exactly like I'd imagined him, and that Donald Sutherland was a fantastic pick for President Snow.
    2. District 1 - I'm not a fighter, so I'd have needed all the pre-training I could get.
    3. Um... extensive bird ID ability? Seriously, I'd be a total disaster as a tribute.
    4. Probably Cinna, so he could make me look fabulous. :)
    5. Yup, I concur that Fox Face would win.
    6. Oh, gosh... I liked the movies of the last Harry Potter book, particularly the first movie, which really captured the tone. Can I guess ahead and say the two Hobbit movies are going to be amazing?
    7. Probably something bird-inspired.
    8. I'm terrible at such things.
    9. Nope; I'm going on Sunday with a friend (the only time we were both free).


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