Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sheena's book

FUNNY TRAGIC, CRAZY MAGIC is the un(TRUE) story of Larissa Alvarez, a sixteen-year-old girl who only cares about magic because it can make her look pretty.

Her mother owns the only surviving copy of the Killing Runes, powerful runes fought over for centuries. When the Grandfathers set a trap to steal the Killing Runes, they destroy everyone in Larissa's family, except Larissa. As the only sophomore invited to an important party, she refuses to stay home to watch her five-year-old sister, so she isn’t there to protect her, or die alongside her.

With her family gone, and the guilt of her little sister's death on her shoulders, Larissa vows to steal her mother's notebook back, no matter the cost. She finds an ally in the boy with no boundaries, Joe Penrod, a lost mage who knows less about magic then she does, and finally becomes the witch her mother always wanted her to be. Just too late for her mother to see.

Along the way, she realizes that her new ally Joe is the unknowing tool of the men who killed her family, and that by falling in love with him, she's heading toward tragedy.

Or treason.

FUNNY TRAGIC, CRAZY MAGIC 65,000 word YA Urban Fantasy