Thursday, March 14, 2013

Writing music: Ludovico Einaudi edition

I've talked a lot about what music I love to listen to while writing. Overall, the music I've discussed has been pretty dark - not surprising, because I mostly write dark fantasy or horror. But every so often, I do need to write a happy scene, or even a peaceful one. For those times, my favorite artist by far is Ludovico Einaudi.

I'm not generally much of a fan of solo classical piano music. I suppose it can sometimes seem very jarring to me (see previously discussed dislike of baroque music), or sometimes like nothing more than a display of skill. I'm sure it doesn't help that my musical brain is completely lacking, so I can't properly appreciate skilled playing (this may also be why I'm not a huge fan of instrumental jazz).

Okay, I'm wandering off topic. It's probably because I've spent the past two days doing nothing but filing at work. It's amazing how much doing mindless tasks like that completely kills your mental faculties.

Anyway! Music. I could keep trying to explain why I love Ludovico Einaudi's music, or I could just put in a sample for you.

Divenere is my favorite album of his by far (the album art above and below are from his Best Of CD). It's 100 percent lovely and hopeful and melodic. Some tracks are solo piano, but others have strings as well, as does the above track.

Who knew Mondays could sound so nice?

I Giorni is another lovely piano track:

But one of the biggest contributions that Einaudi has had to my writing is that he is responsible for one of my two Inspiration Tracks. My Inspiration Tracks are for those nights when I'm feeling a little down. When I'm not quite in the mood for writing. When I need to get a bit pumped up for being creative, but not in an Eye of the Tiger or Chariots of Fire way.  For those moments, this song is perfect:

(The second of the two songs is by Zoe Keating, previously featured on one of my writing music posts, and her song "Escape Artist.")

What kind of piano music do you like best, and what are the songs that help you get started writing?


  1. Beautiful music. I can see why it would be inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yummy. Perfect for background writing music! Thanks for the heads up. I shall investigate further.
    ~Just Jill

  3. Lovely stuff! We're big Narada fans at our house. Especially David Lanz. Happily, I get to listen to it live, because my daughter plays the piano constantly.


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