Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Internet Vacation

Very short post today, with barely enough time to pop in.

So, what do you do with life without the internet? A few short days ago, my answer would have been, "Life without the internet?" *shudder*

But, here's what I've actually done in the last week and a half (sorry I haven't been around to comment on others' posts):

  • 1 Waterpark
  • 1 University visit (gotta show those kids what to look forward to)
  • 1 Foam sword war
  • 1 Trip to the farm (including pony ride)
  • 1 Visit to local cultural sites 
  • 1 Major parade with awesome floats
  • 2 Barbeques
  • 2 Fireworks displays (one on top of a birthday cake - indoors with a low ceiling. Yes, nail biting included on my part) 
  • 2 Birthdays (fishing Ninja - yea!  ...maybe you had to be there)
  • 3 Trips to the amusement park
  • 1 Trip to the Really Big amusement park
  • Shopping
  • Shopping
  • Shopping
  • ...
  • 4 Bookstores so far (2 more planned)
  • Eating in - yum 
  • Eating out - too much (is there such a thing?)
  • Sugar - waaaay too much (before this I truly didn't believe there was such a thing) 
  • Watching the Olympics (well, highlights)

Still planned:

  • More shopping
  • Outdoor theater
  • Kid's all nighter game night
  • Trip to a local cave (?) 
  • Going to bed before midnight (ha!)
  • Sleeping in (haha! As if that will ever happen)

Best thing of all:
  • Time with family

And yes, I even got writing in, maybe more than I would have otherwise.

Makes you think, doesn't it, of all the hours we spend in front of a screen convincing ourselves that we'll have time to get around to real life as soon as whatever it is is done (and yes, I am taking into account that, at least for me, my ratio of actual writing to wasting time is horrendous)? Or how about all the minutes spent 'just killing time' until X, when that same time might really be spent doing X, Y, and Z?

So, biggest discovery of the last 10 days?

  • How much time there really is if you're just willing to take it.


  1. I so need an internet vacation. :)

    I don't even want to think about how much time I lose on the internet everyday. I'm just not sure I have the will power to stay away.

    Sounds like your having a great time.


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