Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Have a Little Charity, Proser

Be Kind to Those Who Write
Remember we are all at different places along the writing journey.
Cheer success.
Commiserate with roadblocks.
Edit honestly, specifically and kindly.
Give other the benefit of their dreams.

Be Kind to Your Family
They listen to your crazy ideas.
They leave you alone for hours when you say, "Just a minute. I only have to get this one thing down on paper."
They let molehills of laundry grow into mountains without complaint (maybe some of them even do it for you).
Your family loves you.
Give them your heart and your time. First.

Be Kind to Your Friends
They make you laugh.
They take you out for late night ice cream when you really, really need it (and sometimes when you don't).
They are the shoulder to cry on when everything falls down.
And the extra pair of hands to help build you back up again.
Your friends are your treasure.
Hold them close.

Be Kind to Yourself
You are the only you you have. Be nice.
Speak kindly to yourself.
Think good of yourself more than ill.
Breath deeply.
Give in to your dreams (I'm looking at you, Sheena).

Thanks, Prosers, for everything.
You inspire me.


  1. What a beautiful reminder for us to take care of those we love. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for the reminder, Susan. I've enjoyed your whole faith, hope and charity theme. Great post!


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