Monday, August 20, 2012

Angel Choirs Sing

Girl Child: "Kick, kick, I'm kicking you."
Boy Child "No, don't kick me." Quiet. "Hey Mom, I saw this on the commercial, that's why I told you to buy it."
Girl Child: "I'm kicking you." Giggling. "I'm kicking you. I'm punching you, I'm tickling you, Ian, I'm getting all your tickle out."
Boy Child: "This level's gonna be easy."
Girl Child: "Now it's my turn." Silence. "Ian! I never had a turn."
Boy Child: "Okay." Continues to play video game.
Girl Child: "Ian!"
Boy Child: "Okay, you can try all the rest. Don't fight because we didn't... "
Girl Child: "I'll do this level."
Girl Child grabs Mom's kindle from Boy Child's hand.
Boy Child "Oh." Quiet. "Wonder why you can't...You don't have to tri-duck it. Did you know that?" Quiet. Boy Child attempts to steal kindle.
Girl Child: "Ah!"
Boy Child: "I'll help you."
Girl Child glares, and takes back the kindle.
Boy Child: "Oh, you cracked the code."
Girl Child: "I made it! I'll check the collection. We found the bar of soap! Your turn."
Boy Child: "Okay, I'll try two levels. What the? There's..." Humming. "Oh I found it. I did it. Owt." Girl Child sits on Boy Child's back to see. Boy Child goes back to video game. "This is it! This is eight."
Girl Child: "Let's play dodge ball."
Boy Child: "Hey, do you know what this level is called, Mom?
Girl Child: Simultaneously. "Mom, can I have a banana?"

School starts tomorrow.

Angel choirs sing!

In case you were wondering, this is the game they are currently playing, wheres my water.


  1. LOL Sheena. Hope your angels have a great first day. I'm sure you will. :)

  2. Your kids are hilarious. I bet you're already missing them.

  3. Awesome and too funny. Hope you all enjoy the school year.


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