Monday, June 25, 2012

Status Update

In the last two posts, I told you I was Beyonce and a Young Brad Pitt.

I may have some identity issues.

Let's explore.

But first check out this picture.

I don't usually like this kind of picture. I'm a skeptic of cuteness trying to manipulate you emotionally, but...have you seen this picture.

 I mean... really.

 Look at it.

Oh my freaking gosh that bunny is so squishy.


I stole it blatantly from Facebook, but if anyone asks, I'm just sharing it. I think my identity issues may stem from Facebook, where you can post anything and claim it as your own.

You can represent yourself as religious by posting this.

 Because this is how you share your testimony.
By copy and pasting a cheesy graphic.

 You can show you are funny, by copy and pasting someone else's humor.

You can prove you are smart...

You can even influence politics...
Newt was the front-runner when this brilliant gem came along.
You're welcome Romney fans
You can proclaim yourself weird.

You can be classy, clever, wise, serious, cute,or stylish-- all by pointing and clicking.

Honestly, I think that is kind of awesome.

On Facebook, you can find out who thinks the same way you do. You can find people who are the same, and people, whom you still love, who are completely different from you. It's amazing to me, how much you can find out about people by what they choose to post. (For example, we are no longer using a certain babysitter, because of what she chose to post.)

Helpful. :)

But my point...Facebook, is really...just a book.

See, in books, I get to be smart, funny, clever, or stylish. I just follow the POV around, and pretend that that's who I am.

In books, I can find people who think like me. I can find membership in a world of strangeness.

In books, I can find people who are nothing like me, who think differently, but who I find I still love.

So, the next time my husband asks me why I'm still checking out Facebook, I'll tell him I'm not wasting my time, I'm doing research.

Yeah... I think he might buy that.

More random awesomeness...


  1. LOL, hilarious. I'm not active at all on facebook, but maybe I should be. I love that you can steal other people's stuff to prove that you are smart, funny, and clever. :)

    Oh, and that nerd quirk 153. I've so done that. I guess that just further proves that I am a nerd. :) Why fight it.

  2. This issue has been on my mind on so many levels lately. First of all, I love this sort of thing, and enjoy seeing it, especially when I find something that really speaks to my heart.

    So, when I saw your cute bunny picture at the top, my very first reaction was that I needed to go to youtube, find the clip of Gus and Shawn petting the cute bunnies and send you the link. Is that really healthy???

    Second, my facebook friends seem to have degenerated into people who only cut and paste. I can scroll down for pages before I find a real status to comment on. Has no one heard of moderation???? (Like I'm one to talk...)

  3. Too funny. I love lurking, not so much posting. Anon seems pretty good to me most days. Love your 'shared' wisdom.


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