Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Other Reason I Sometimes Don't Write

We all know I love Vampire Diaries which sometimes keeps me from my writing. But there is another thing that constantly takes me away, okay three things.

An awesome husband who is immensely supportive. A pale-blue eyed girl who is a fierce Karate girl and has the sweetest heart I've ever known. And a tiny brown eyed girl who loves pigs and whose eyes blaze when you cross her and gives the best kisses when you please her.

My little brown-eyed girl is in the hospital today. Nothing too serious, but serious enough that it has me thinking about what is really important.

I would love to be a published writer. To make up stories for a living. I love reading and writing and sharing these stories in my head.

But the biggest bonus to being a professional writer is being able to work from home. To be there when my kids come home from school. To take breaks with them to work on homework. To be a mother and a writer.

So I don't regret time lost by playing evil princesses (yes some princesses can be evil) or cuddling on the couch watching an episode of My Little Pony for the twentieth time or all the cookie making and outings and birthday parties for stuffed animals.

Because the only thing I've ever wanted to be more than a writer is a mother.



  1. Beautiful post. I love being a mom too. Hope your little brown eyed girl gets feeling better soon.

  2. You made me tear up. You are right. Time goes way, way too fast to not soak up every moment with our children. I hope things go well with your daughter. Keep us posted!

  3. So profoundly true, and so beautifully written. I hope your little one recovers quickly.

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that your little one isn't feeling well. Lots of good thoughts to you and your family, and as Melanie said, keep us posted.

  5. MaryAnn, that was the best reminder I've ever read about why I can't let writing get in the way of being a mom. You are so right, and now I'm typing with blurry vision because you made me tear up.

    I hope your brown-eyed girl feels better soon.

  6. Beautifully written post. It made me tear up as well. Especially since I love that little brown-eyed girl so much too. Give her a kiss from me. mm

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    Little Brown-eyes and I are home. She is doing really good and hopefully will continue to do so.

    It is so awesome to have your support. You prosers and proser cult members rock.

  8. Phew! Thanks for the update, MaryAnn. So glad to hear you're home.


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