Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pictures of NASA Tour and Launch

So I have a fun little story that happened on the tour and then a bunch of pictures. As we stood in front of SLC6, our tour guide, Larry Hill siad something that I found rather entertaining, so my tweet looked like this:

"When you're in the Air Force you can make a whole sentence out of expletives and acronyms." - Larry Hill #NASASocial #OCO2 #writers

Evidently, that resulted in great laughter and mirth after the tour when he got back to the office. That night at the launch, out of nowhere, he called my name out and asked, "Out of the forty thousand things I said yesterday, you had to choose that one?" Of course this was all in fun as a result of the razzing he got. I think I got a little cred amongst the NASA gang for being brave enough to tweet that. Evidently, of the group, Larry is the least likely to speak so loosely in front of the public. As I said, they all got a good laugh and Larry shook my hand. It was still being talked about on the second launch night.

Now for some pictures:

At the South Entrance of Vandenberg Air Force Base

The Tech and Science Team at the Press Conference

Model of OCO2 Satellite - "It's really about the size of a TARDIS, but it's not bigger on the inside.

Jay Pritchert at Thor Rocket

Way Back Control Console - check out the old telephone dial on the right.

Gantry at SLC2 - holding the Delta II Rocket we were there to see launch.

Head of NASA - Charles Bolden

Me and the Delta II Rocket

Launch - Pic courtesy of NASA as the fog was too thick for us to see this.

Another Vantage point of the Launch - Pic courtesy of S.K. Sullivan

Props to those of the NASA Social group that managed to stay for the second night launch attempt.

Scroll down if you haven't read the sleep deprived account of the Tour and Launch Experience.

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