Friday, July 19, 2013

Excuses, Excuses

It has been a crazy week at my house. After the coolest summer I can ever remember, Maine has suddenly decided to join the heat wave party, but no one told my air conditioner. That should really be the only excuse I need, but never fear--I've got more!

My oldest daughter got her wisdom teeth out, there was an unexpected meeting at my part time job, I was writing to a super important deadline with a super awesome last minute change. Pile all those things on top of an already crazy schedule, and hopefully you can understand why not only is my house a disaster of epic proportions, but somehow today's Proser post got lost in the tornado that once was my brain.

So here is today's writing tip: If you want your writing to shine, sometimes you need to take a break. Yesterday, I was planted in this chair all day long, and the stuff flowing from my brain to my fingers was insanely bad. In spite of a looming deadline, I finally had to stand up, grab an icepack for my aching fingers and watch Psych.

I LOVE what I wrote when I came back.

Yeah, I know this isn't Psych. 

Take a break. Your writing will thank you.


  1. I'll do it! Today I have absolutely nothing to say anyway.
    (Well, except that.)
    ~JusT Jill

  2. Yeah, summer is crazy. Hope things calm down for you soon. Oh, and thanks for the tip. It's a good one. :)


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