Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reasons to write

Recently, I promised Melanie I was going to talk about my favorite Diana Wynne Jones books this week. Well, that’s been put off until next week (Sorry Melanie!), because I actually had an actual blog-worthy life occurrence this week.

So, on Monday  night, I went to see this lady in concert, the one whose Kickstarter I mentioned a while back:

Amanda Palmer is a former member of the cabaret punk group The Dresden Dolls. She has a rough edge to voice and a talent for hooks and rapid-fire lyrics. Her concerts are as much spectacle and theatre as they are music.

But there’s one other thing about Amanda, the issue that makes this blog post relevant: she’s married to Neil Gaiman. (Click on this link for an amazing photo of them by Kyle Cassidy)

And, as it happens, Neil attended the San Diego show, and kindly came out to sign autographs afterward. And this time – unlike the only other time I met him – I managed not to babble like an idiot. I went for the straight approach, and told him that I really loved his books, and that I was an aspiring writer, and that his writing had helped inspire me.  He was really sweet and friendly and told me that the most important thing for an aspiring writer was to write every day.

So, I have this issue where I never, ever remember to bring things to a concert to be signed. So I looked at this piece of paper I had, and then at the bag I was carrying it in. I bought it from the Southern California chapter of the California Native Plant Society.

Yes, that's right - rare plants AND embroidery.

Having nothing else good to be signed, on a whim I handed that bag to Neil and Amanda instead.

So now my bag has nerdy, geeky AND rock star cred!

Indeed an excellent night. And now I have something else to add to the list of reasons why I write:

1) Because it makes me happy
2) Because I love flexing my imagination to coming up with worlds and characters and plots
3) Because it expands my knowledge, of science and vocabulary and culture that I might never have otherwise encountered


  1. That is awesome, Sabrina! I forgive you. After all, there's always next week. :)

  2. I adore neil gaiman. That's awesome.

  3. Way cool Sabrina, and what an awesome reason to write. :)

  4. That is so exciting! I never seem to remember to bring anything worth signing to these kinds of things, either. Which is why I have a section in my closet for shirts/jackets signed by famous people. (Quick thinking, getting your bag signed!) My favorite will always be a coat signed by Scot Pollard, #31 for the Sacramento Kings (back when the Kings were still good and Pollard was still playing.)

    Great post Sabrina!

  5. Sabrina, that bag is a TREASURE. I would definitely babble like an idiot if I met Neil Gaiman :)

  6. Of course I am insanely jealous! I've seen him read at least 5 times and have never been to an event where I could meet and speak to him. Wah! I would likely babble like an idiot. Ah well, I shall live vicariously through you. And yes, it is now the prime directive that you write, Neil has spoken!


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