Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Round 'Em Up

From the world of good advice and strange writerly commentary, here are a few things of note around the web:

"Veteran publishing insider," Alan Rinzler, reminds us, "It's All in the Details, Writer," and deftly proves his point.

Shannon Hale, author of the forthcoming Palace of Stone (sequel to the Newberry Honor, The Princess Academy) has not one, but two posts on the need (or lack thereof) of mother's in literature.

Kidlit's, Mary Kole, has a well timed warning that Confusion is Not the Same as Mystery when trying to begin a story with a bang.

Want to know what's big in YA book covers? Kate Hart has another round of amazing infographics - including some stunning statistics about portrayals of persons of color.

Author Suzanne Crowley's post considers the price of constant immersion in media today.

And in the same vein, Nathan Bransford has an excellent article on if we're really communicating anymore.

And before I post this one, I must warn you, make sure you have a big chunk of time on your hands. Maybe you've seen it before, I hadn't. I present to you, SlushPileHell.

Happy Writing!

~ Susan


  1. I love SlushPileHell. Not only is it funny but it makes me feel better about my own queries!

  2. Great links, Susan. I especially loved the first by Alan Rinzler, very helpful.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Say, SlushPileHell looks awfully familiar. You don't get anything quite to that exent with short fiction, but I've gotten some bizarre cover letters in my time. Thanks for the links!


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