Thursday, May 3, 2012

Art project

First of all, guess what? It's my birthday! There are a lot of people out there who don't like to advertise the day, but I've been an attention hog since I was five (there is video proof of this, but thankfully it hasn't been digitized).

Sometimes, I write my posts, I have the desire to draw a diagram, of all the parts of writing you need to make an amazing story. I have about zero ability with visual art, but I envision this diagram as some sort of nebulous atom with electrons, or maybe a fractal. Like so, with tiny parts repeating to make a whole:

Or so:


Or maybe one of those cellular diagrams that they show you in upper division biology class. The nucleus is the heart of the story, the DNA is the theme, the RNA is the plot (you know, developing of the theme…)… and um, the characters are…. Well, that's about how much I can recall of cellular structure.

Maybe a fractal is most appropriate. I envision the larger diagram as the story, and as you zoom in, you see plot, character, pacing… and then once you zoom in on those, you see different aspects of character, like physical attributes, character growth, strengths and weaknesses. And so on. Each skill is necessary, though strengths can be used to compensate for weaknesses. The diagram would be opaque, of course, because at the center of any good story is heart, and soul, and no amount of tutorial can teach you that, as it's the most individual aspect of writing.

Once this diagram was complete, there could be a graphic of it, where it zooms in on the section a blog post would be talking about. The selected spot could light up, or sparkle, or do the hokey pokey, or something.

What would you envision as a master story diagram?


  1. Oooo! I get to be the first to say:

    I love those pictures. So much fantasy. Great. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    And I love this post. I guess, I've always thought of my writing almost as a mathematical equation (learn to do x + y + z correctly = a Prinz - or something), but I think you're so much more right! I love the idea of writing as a fractal or a living cell always evolving to its inner and outer surroundings.

    Excellent food for thought.

  3. Happy Birthday Sabrina!!

    Love your analogies. Now you got me thinking. What would the characters be in the cell, ribosomes, enzymes????

  4. Mitochondria, of course, MaryAnn!

    Happy Birthday Sabrina! Hope you had a great one.


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