Monday, December 5, 2011

What I've learned from the first month of the a challenge.

At this writing, the Prosers has had 2,222 page views.

2,222. That's a lot of twos.

 I'm pretty sure at least half of those have come from my computer, but let's not dwell on that.

It's been a pretty exciting way to start a blog.

We've had viewers from Malaysia...Malaysia. Hello, Malaysia! Glad to have you here, unless you're a spammer. Either way, thanks for reading, spambot.

I thought it might be fun to show what I've learned this first month. Okay, maybe fun is the wrong word. I thought it might be post-inducing to show what I've learned this last month.

First of all, apparently I don't know how to times twelve by eleven without using a calculater.

Also, from this ^ post I learned that I read more than even avid readers like to read. I'm officially not normal.

Books read in the last month...

Hatched, Barb Hickman... opinion biased.
Pumpkin Pie, Jodie Kilpack.... Meh.
Beauty, Robin McKinley.... worth reading
In the Forests of Serre, Patricia McKillip.... cool +*
Hidden Places, Lynn Austin.... Meh +
The Annotated Sense and Sensibilities... recommended if you are an Austen nerd.
So Yesterday, Scott Westerfield... Awesome
Specials, Scott
Behemoth, Scott Westerfield.... Awesome +
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making...Go read it right now. Awesome ++

So ten books. Not eleven. Still not normal.

Secondly, I learned from a comment Ken/ Guy/ Owasm made, that self publishing shelfed books is a fun idea. Hatched, by Barb Hickman is a novel I'm currently in process of self publishing, all because this blog made me brave. So the twelve dollars I earn from my mom buying my book, will be because of this blog.

That's kind of awesome. Perhaps, even Owasm Awesome.

Third, I learned that Susan is brilliant, but shy.

MaryAnn watches a lot of television.

Sabrina is... a wonderful person who you don't want to get angry because she has a friend who is a lawyer.

And Sarah has a mob of people supporting her need to suck other's blood.

(Ducking red vines flung in my direction.)

I've also learned these ladies are supportive, awesome, brilliant, and THE NEXT BIG THING. Seriously. I read a lot, (spoiler alert) and these ladies have it.

Which brings me to...dun,dun,dun... The first monthly Proser Challenge.

 Now you may have noticed the tagline under our title has changed.


Currently,  proser (n.) a female that hears voices in her head for a living., is the tagline, but for this monthly challenge, I triple dog dare you to come up with something better.

Entries should be written as comments on this post. The winning entry will be PUBLISHED on a blog with page hits in the thousands.

Mostly from this IP address, but still. PUBLISHED.

Thanks for reading, (especially you, Malaysia)

* Thanks, Suzanne for the help. I accidentally gave Robin McKinley credit for the Forest of Serre. My bad. All's right in the world again.


  1. My "soon-to-be famous" author friend Melanie sent me over - glad to meet y'all and looking forward to reading your works. PS - I hear voices too, but they don't tell me to write - they tell me to eat!

  2. I'm kind of stealing this from your post but here's my entry.

    The Prosers- The next big thing, get in on the ground floor.

    Excluding me of course. I'm just riding the coattails. :)

    And Laurie, I hear those voices too. Mostly whispering chocolate.

    Fun post Sheena!

  3. So not true MaryAnn. You are amazing!

    Laurie, I agree with you. Melanie is brilliant.


  4. lol, Sheena. Lawyer friend will be amused.

    (tag-line: Prosers: writers-in-training and Melanie Crouse Fan Club) (Hi Melanie! We love you!)

    They might not be definitions, but I think it'd be fun to have tag-lines along the lines of the Prosers as a superhero team, especially given that some of us don't tell everyone that we write (including me). Examples:

    Prosers: Faster than a speeding typewriter!
    Prosers: Like the Justice League, but better read.
    Prosers: With great prose comes great responsibility.

  5. *Flings Red Vines at Sheena*

    Wow, Sheena, you're self-publishing? That's exciting! I'm glad the blog made you brave :)

    Sabrina, I love "With great prose comes great responsibility." It's funny because it's at least a little bit true :)


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