Monday, November 7, 2011

First Official Proser Post

I’ve thought a lot about what I should write for the first official blog post. But then something happened that trumped writing about my fears querying, or how I secretly think I’m like Beyonce. Prepare to read about that a little later.

My daughter just turned four, and she is the sweetest, smartest sassy pants you can imagine. She’s also gorgeous. I take a lot of pride saying that she magically came out of my gene pool.

Yesterday, my girl put her hands on her sweet little tummy, frowned, and then sucked in.

She just turned four. FOUR.


I write primarily for teenage girls, and so my main characters usually are unsure of themselves because;

·         You write what you know.
·         Being unsure of yourself is kind of the definition of a teenage girl.

I never thought it would define MY daughter. Who just turned four.

I’m a writer and I’m at a loss for words here. What do I say to her? I’ve told her she was pretty and smart and wonderful every day of her life- somehow that’s not enough.

Sadly, what I want to say to her most of all… I know I can’t . Here, I’ll test it out for you. Tell me what you think.

“Go get your own pain, kid. I’m still using this one.”

Work in progress, I guess.


  1. Oh, that breaks my heart. It's also one of the things I remind myself of when I get jealous of moms with girls :) I think one of the toughest things about raising kids is watching them deal with the same pain that you haven't resolved in yourself yet, and not being able to make it all better.

    Beautiful post, Sheena. And ((hugs)) to both of you!

  2. Four? That is sad.

    As moms we just need to build them up as much as possible before the world tears them down.

    Keep telling your daughter how smart, beautiful, and amazing she really is. :)


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