Friday, January 30, 2015

Melanie's Newest Book List

Sometimes people ask me if I’ve read any good books lately. Or sometimes, I see a blog hop or a Top 10 list that I really want to join. Unfortunately all those things necessitate my being able to remember the books I’ve read once I shut the cover. How is possible that I can immerse myself so fully into a world that I wouldn’t hear a fire alarm blaring, but as soon as I read the words THE END, I forget that world ever existed?

So this year, I’m making a valiant effort to write every book I read down. I’ve got a new page up over at my personal blog, and I’m logging each book down as I go.

Because I’m such a live in the moment kind of gal, I can’t tell you if this is an accurate reflection of how much I normally read. It might be a little on the high side…or I might just be finally noticing that I read A LOT.

Sometimes I like to go over to my new page and reread the book titles, staring at them until I remember the story. It’s like getting a postcard from a place I love. 

As an added benefit, instead of only sharing my TBR pile with you, I can actually share books I've already read with you! 

Whenever Lara Jean wants to fall out of love, she writes a good-bye letter to the boy. One day, all her letters accidentally get mailed, including a letter to her sister's boyfriend. 
Marguerite's parents have just invented the Firebird, which allows people to jump to parallel dimensions. When her father is murdered, she jumps from dimension to dimenstion, trying to catch up with the murderer.
Prophecy of the Six (Prophecy Breakers,#2) 

Oh, you've heard enough about this one lately. But have you read it yet???
The Winner's Curse (The Winner's Trilogy, #1)
Even though she lives a life of luxury, Kestrel hates slavery. One day, for reasons she doesn't fully understand, she buys a slave names Arin.  I'm not really doing the plot justice, but it's good stuff. Trust me.
The Hunger Games 
Catching Fire
Yep. I reread them all. And I'm still angry about Finnick, but other than that I loved them dearly.

I am in love with Jennifer F. Smith's slow moving stories. Absolutely enthralled by them all. This is the story of Ellie, who gets an email meant for someone else, and decides to answer. Now imagine me smiling.

 The Whispering Skull (Lockwood & Co., #2)
Book 2 in the Lockwood & Co. trilogy starts with Lucy continuing her partnership with Lockwood and George. George's skull is speaking to Lucy, an evil mirror has been stolen, and the ghosts are still causing mayhem. So much fun!

What books have you been reading lately?


  1. The Winner's Curse was one of my top five favorites from last year! In fact I'm thinking about re-reading it again this year, maybe even breaking it down to see what parts of it really made me click, maybe I'll learn something for my own writing

    1. I have been thinking about it a lot, and I would love to read your thoughts, if you ever do that.


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