Saturday, June 14, 2014

Snow White and the Assassin's Guild - now available on Kobo and Nook!

Just a quick post (family in town, it's like a three ring circus WITH the carnival around here!) to mention that my short story Snow White and the Assassin's Guild is now available for sale on Kobo and on Nook!

I had a blast writing this story. Good for ages 10 and up (some death and mayhem.) It's 99c on all markets.

Here's the linky love:

Buy it on Kobo

Buy it on Nook

And if you DO read it, could you please do a review and/or rating? Here's the kindle link, too. As a short story, it's not going to be available in print until I do a collection, sorry! But ebook short stories are PERFECT to read on cell phones and the like. :) Enjoy.

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