Monday, December 16, 2013

Burned by Liz Long, and Death of the Body by Rick Chiantaretto

Publishing has introduced me to some awesome people who keep doing amazing things. One of those is my friend Liz Long, whose novel Burned launches later this week. It's fantastic. She sent me an ARC, and I'm halfway through and loving the crap out of it. So to share the love, here's Liz, talking about her book in her own words. I hope you check it out, or add it on goodreads.
Gifted, A Donovan Circus Novel is the first title in the series. Available at Amazon on Kindle and paperback, the ebook is currently on sale for only 99 cents to celebrate the upcoming release!
(Where's Sheffield's ringmaster voice when I need it?) Now here it is, the cover reveal for Burned, A Donovan Circus Novel!

Burned, A Donovan Circus Novel Synopsis:
“Tell Sheffield that Medved is hunting him…the Bear is coming.”
Nearly a month after Lucy Sullivan saved the Donovan Circus from certain death, she discovers that Dr. Felix Hardy wasn’t the only bad guy around. When Lucy is attacked on home ground, Sheffield Donovan reveals that there are bigger foes in their world, gifted that use their powers to kill others – including her own family, as she learns from her ringmaster mentor. Medved, a Russian thug and powerful Shapeshifter, is intent on outing the gifted world and will stop at nothing to succeed.
In order to survive, Lucy and her friends must travel to another show, the Grayson Circus, for help. The uneasy alliance with owner Albert Grayson comes with potential new friends and dark secrets about their competition, including a troublemaker named Mel and an old flame of Lucy’s father. Lucy must also contend with her feelings about Keegan and Gabriel, as well as learn how to contain her rampant emotions or risk setting the entire place ablaze.
Will Lucy be able to save the Donovan Circus again? Or will Medved and his men slaughter everyone in their path on the way to gifted domination?
About the Author:
Liz Long is a ridiculously proud graduate of Longwood University with a BA in English. Her inspiration comes from action and thriller genres and she spends entirely too much time watching superhero movies. Her fabulous day job as a social media editor includes writing for a publishing company in Roanoke, VA.
Her first book, Gifted, is the first book in the Donovan Circus series. Her second book Witch Hearts, a story about a serial killer hunting witches for their powers, is available at Amazon on Kindle and paperback.
To learn more about Liz, visit her website:
Another person I need to congratulate, is my dear friend Rick Chiantaretto. Rick published his dark fantasy novelDeath of The Body, last Friday, and it's done amazingly well. I'm so excited for him, and hope it continues to explosions and fireworks, because he deserves it.

I grew up in a world of magic. By the time I was ten I understood nature, talked to the trees, and listened to the wind. When the kingdom of men conquered my town, I was murdered by one of my own—the betrayer of my kind. But I didn't stay dead. 

I woke to find myself in a strange new world called Los Angeles. The only keys to the life I remembered were my father’s ring, my unique abilities, and the onslaught of demons that seemed hell-bent on finding me. Now I must learn who I really am, protect my friends, get the girl, and find my way back to my beloved hometown of Orenda.

My Review:
This book is not the present you'd buy your great Aunt Muriel. This is a grizzly, awesome, dark, smart, and scary little book. It starts off with the ten year-old main character waking up after being slashed across the stomach. It keeps going from there.
This is a book about resurrection and rebirth, and you have to live behind the eyes of someone who happens to die a lot. Not a lot a lot, but more than I have. I've never died before, but after reading Death of the Body, I kinda feel like I have. It's the kind of book that writes itself into the back of your eyelids. I loved it.
With all the talk about death, and resurrection, it's natural that it delves deeply into religion.  It's not disrespectful per-say, but the story analyzes religions with an almost snarky reverence. It fictionalizes religions. It made me think. It made me unsettled, and then it made me dive back in.
The writing is crisp, the words flow well, and he has a clear voice, but I liked it the best when I was so sucked in I didn't notice the voice, and all I heard was the whispers of the trees, and the gentle cadences of the system of magic. The romance felt real, but not central to the story, though it shifts motivation.
This book is not for everyone. But if you love thinking about all things possible, (Justin, I'm talking about you) then this is a book you'll just love.
It's quite possibly the most brilliant, grizzly, monster-filled book I've ever read. 
And the monsters look human. 
That's the scariest part.
Find Death of the Body on Amazon, or add it on goodreads.


  1. These both sound interesting. I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I've got Burned in my TBR pile on kindle! It sounds like a lot of fun. And I love Rick, though I am not quite sure I'm tough enough to read this one. Great reviews!


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