Saturday, June 15, 2013

Writing is a Lonely Job

Today is my final post for the Prosers.  I have loved every minute of my time here, and will miss all of you immensely.

When I started contributing last year, I set out with one basic goal: to see what I could learn through shared experiences.  And while I've learned a lot from my year here, there was one lesson, one truth, I never would have guessed I'd find.

Stephen King said, "Writing is a lonely job.  Having someone who believes in you makes a lot of difference.  They don't have to make speeches.  Just believing is usually enough."

I always thought this meant that having the support of my husband/sister/friends was enough.  But writing is not something I have ever readily shared, even with them.  They believe in me, encourage me, but they are not writers.  They can't commiserate with me when I hit a tough spot.  They don't always have the right words to spur me on.  Other times I just need someone who understands, who can listen and nod, and not say anything, and yet I'll know they've been there, they've survived, and so can I.

Having a writing community, having friends who share this passion, or obsession, or aspiration, whatever we want to call it, that is the single most important part of writing for me.  I can write without it.  I did before I joined the Prosers.  But writing within a community is something beyond basic accomplishment.  I imagine it's a lot like the discovery of fire.  People survived without it, but once you've got it, why give it up?

So I'm off to other adventures, mostly those involving a small, pink creature that cries and eats and sleeps more than anything else.  But I won't be far, because I can't imagine going back to life without other writers, people who will understand why my shirt is inside out and I've got bags under my eyes as I stare at my computer screen at two in the morning, muttering under my breath something about plot points and story arcs.

Thank you for being those people this past year.  Thank you for giving me this wonderful lesson, and many others.  Most of all everyone, thank you for the stories.


  1. Trisha, I'm so glad you decided to join us. I've loved reading your posts and connecting with you. I've always thought you were a talented writer all the way back to when I first read your posts on hatrack. I hope you keep writing or come back to it once the little pink thing sleeps through the night.

    Take care of your little ones, and if you ever want to come back please do. Once you're a proser you're always a proser. :). Also let keep me in mind if you ever need a beta.

    Best of luck to you.

  2. Trisha, you actually made me cry. Not only am I going to miss you, but you also described my feelings about writing perfectly. I'm so excited for your new opportunities, and hope that you'll come back when you're ready. MaryAnn is right--once a Proser, always a Proser.

  3. Thank you guys, you are all amazing and I look forward to writing with you again some day. :)

  4. Ah, Trisha, you're wonderful. It's been so much fun reading your posts. Have a truly wonderful time with your little one. And yes, you are always a Proser. Keep in touch.


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