Friday, June 21, 2013


For the past several days I've been dealing with the kind of allergies that have made me contemplate gouging my own eyes out with my fingernails. Knowing that I'm not at my peak, I started writing this blog post on Monday. I'll give myself extra time, I said to myself.

4 half written blog posts later, I'm resigned to the fact that nothing is going to come out coherently this week. One post was going to be my (as yet non-existent) research on self-publishing a book written by more than one author. One was about contemporary YA books I've read lately, and one was about the stories I'm transcribing about my grandmother's life. I was half-way through the first draft of my latest blog post when I realized that my actual premise was "Authors should only write what I want to read." Nice, Melanie.

So instead, I'm just going to give a shout-out to If you have a blog about writing and you've never heard of this site, you are in for a happy surprise. Like most great ideas, it's pretty simple--it's a place where you can submit a link to your blog post so that other writers can find it. Unlike other sites I've seen though, inkpageant is not messy or difficult to navigate. It doesn't try to do so many different things that you can't find the one thing you actually want.  The true beauty though, is that I have found blogs that resonate for me there. I've made friends through inkpageant, and that is priceless.


Here are some links to posts on inkpageant that caught my attention. It was hard to choose which ones to include, and I know I missed some amazing ones, so you should definitely check them out. In addition, some of the blogs I frequent the most often hadn't posted anything lately, so I couldn't include them either. 

Sexy Other Book Syndrome I'd never been to this blog before today, but who can resist a blog post with the word sexy in the title?

I'd never been to neobluepanther before either, and if my brain was up to the task I'd write a blog post telling him how lucky I am to be part of a writing team that works. Maybe someday.

The avatar on inkpageant for this site made my eyes skip past it with disinterest for nearly a year. When I finally clicked on it, I realized that I'd been missing gold.

In A Fight to the Death, Who Wins: Passion or Discipline?
This is a blog I go to frequently, although, as usual, I rarely comment.

3 Types of Character Arc:
This looks like good stuff, but I admit I haven't read it yet. I will though! The very moment I'm capable of reading anything that would go over a kindergartener's head.

Go Ahead, Aim For the Stars
Ahem, Jeff, I had to go down pretty far on the inkpageant list to find one of yours. But I couldn't skip it.


  1. I hope you're feeling better soon!

    BTW, I love inkPageant too.

    1. I think that's how I found your blog originally, isn't it? But I couldn't find one of yours to link up.

  2. I haven't been to inkpageant in a while. Thanks for the reminder of how awesome it is, and the cool links.

    Hope your allergies get better.

  3. Wow, thanks for the shoutout, Melanie! I'm thrilled that others can relate about the fickleness of inspiration. I also sympathize with your blogging apathy; when the body is miserable, it's hopeless getting the brain to cooperate. I hope you feel better soon. See you on inkPageant!

  4. :::hanging head in shame::: All the way back to May 1, it seems. I shall endeavor to remedy that. I'm honored that you included me. Wearing the smile you gave me feels nice. :-)

    It is indeed a great site.

    And please, get to feeling better soon. Those allergies are no fun!

  5. This is something I've got to check out more often.
    Thanks, Melanie. And I hope you feel better soon!


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