Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for YA Hangover

I just read Divergent in three hours. In one ignore-my-kids-and-my-house kind of a day, I read this beautiful, sad, truthful, raw story.

Now, in my kindle glare induced headache, as I try to walk through the chaos that is my house after three hours of kids unattended, and try to wake up to the nonfictional life I actually live in, I'm grateful for books. As much as I love to share my stories, there's something amazing about sharing someone else's stories.

I love reading. I love how inspired it makes me. I love how free I am when I read, and how I get to go somewhere without leaving my responsibilities or children behind. I love finding authors and characters who think the same way I do, or find characters who do or say things I never would, or who say things I've felt, but have never been able to express in words.

I've missed books. Somehow in publishing, marketing, blogging, living, writing, and...not slushing, I've lost reading. I put it on the not as important section of my 'to do' list. My most recent writing has suffered because of that. I couldn't figure out why I felt so stalled when I opened up Word to write something new. But then I came across this...

found here writerscircle on facebook.

And so, as I end this too busy month, I'm giving you a promise. This next month, I'm taking a break, and I'm reading. I'll keep you posted as I go, I'll tell you what I read, and where to find it. But for the next month I'm going to look at the world not as a YA writer, but as a YA reader.

I think my writing will be better for it.

Happy reading!


  1. Yeah, reading rocks! The only reason I even want to write is because I love to read. A writer who doesn't like to read is like a chef who doesn't like to eat, and that is just crazy. :)

  2. "Somehow in publishing, marketing, blogging, living, writing, and...not slushing,"


    Seriously though, I too have just really started ramping up my reading. And then I'm at work, thinking "Why doesn't reading count as my job? Whyyyyyyyy?"

  3. Reading is so important. I didn't get much of it done this month either. I can't wait to see what you read next month! Simply Sarah


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