Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Minecraft

My eight year-old is obsessed with this game called Minecraft, for those of you noobs, it's basically Legos you can't step on.

 Or maybe that's too simplistic.  It's awesome. Watch this video for a brief about what Minecraft is all about.

It's the ability to create worlds. Don't believe me? Then check out these 21 amazing minecraft creations over at

Now, maybe I'm weird, but I've never been very good at world building. Things get complicated, and confusing, and while I was looking into this game to see if it was appropriate for my eight year old to play with, ( meh, he's good), I started wondering if this creative type game might be a good way to have a concrete world of my story in which to visit for like reference and stuff.

Wouldn't that be fun. And also a good way to avoid that plot hole that's staring at me.

And that's how they get you.

While I resist, I present to you all, What Minecraft Teaches Me About Writing.

1. Start simply. Use what tools you have to make the best world you can.
2. Mine. Do your research. The more you know, the more tools and materials you have, the cooler your world will be.
3. Don't dig too deep. In Minecraft, if you dig too deep you die, and that's pretty good advice. I think there's definitely a time to stop mining and start crafting. Do your research, but only so much as is helpful.
4. Stay in create mode for as long as you can. Yes, it's lonely. Yes, it's just you there. But the longer you develop your skills before you  make yourself available to creepers, the better you can stave them off.
5. Survival mode IS fun. I'm really enjoying having my book out there, but it really feels like I'm in survival mode, and that badly pixelated zombies or creepers are going to pop out of a corner any second and cream me with a bad review. But...that's okay. In fact, that makes it more fun. Because no matter what happens...
6. Game Over isn't the end. I can always start over with a new story, ( and possibly a new pen-name)  and start playing all over again.

Peace out peeps. Watch out for zombies. And creepers. And don't dig too deep.



  1. That game looks pretty awesome. I was sold by the setting of the square sun. :)

    I love how there are writing lessons everywhere. That is because stories are everywhere that is why they are so powerful. Excellent advice, I especially like #3 and #6.

  2. Great advice. I almost started laughing because I was watching my husband play video games the other day and started wondering if playing them would help me world build and better my fight sequences! I am not a gamer but I will do almost anything for my writing :) Simply Sarah

  3. Minecraft has been huge at my house for a few years now. It's fascinating to see how my kids treat the same game so differently. My boys are all into building fortresses and getting creepers, my girl loves creating homes for her multitudinous puppies, cows and flying ponies. The game is slowly being supplanted by a Tererria fixation here, but I think it will always hold its appeal - just like legos.
    Great post!

  4. My 8 year old and I had a fantastic time reading your post. My teenagers play it on their laptops, but I've never let him download it onto the computer. Maybe I should.

  5. Ah Minecraft. Such an awesome, and somewhat addictive game. The Sims is another one that I've heard is great for world building, etc, but honestly I can't get into it as a writing tool. It's also not quite as G rated as Minecraft, so probably not for the 8 year old crowd, which is why Minecraft trumps Sims every time.

    Great post Sheena. Perfect M word. :)

  6. Video games are great for all sorts of things, but I leave them alone. I could get sucked in so easily and never get out...


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