Monday, December 24, 2012

Boekweg Family Christmas Story Tradition

Merry Christmas, Prosers Everywhere! I hope you are all bundled up with the people you love, drinking eggnog, and ignoring the fat content...just like I am.

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Every year, my kids and I have a tradition. We sit around the computer and make up a story. It's all my kids,  I just gently prod them with questions, and type.

In case you are wondering how to start your own story telling tradition. I'll share the first starter questions and their responses. Hope it inspires you to start your own tradition, because this is my favorite.

Me: If you could tell a Christmas story about anyone who would it be.

Boy Child: The Grinch!
Girl Child: No Santa.

Fighting commences.

Me: Okay stop fighting, how about we tell a story about how the Grinch met Santa.

Children: Yay!

Me: Okay, so where did they meet?

Girl Child: The North Pole.

Me: Great! So how did the Grinch get to the North Pole?

Boy Child: I know, The Grinch lives in California, and he...

Commence Typing.

Granted my children are brilliant and creative. Most kids are.  Why not see how brilliant and creative your children are, they might surprise you.

When the story stalls, I ask questions like, "What does the North Pole look like? What clothes is Santa wearing? What does he say?" When that all fails to spur on the story, I ask my favorite question, "And then what happened?"

All dialog, description, plot twists, and store names are brought to you by my children.

And here, in it's fresh and festive glory, is the Boekweg Family Christmas Story 2012. Enjoy!

The Grinch and Santa
By The Boekweg Kids

The Grinch lives in California, and wanted to go visit his mother in Ohio. So he bought a plane ticket, but there was a mix up. The pilot  accidentally put the wrong destination into the plane, which sent him to the North Pole.

So the Grinch, wearing a blue sweater and pink earmuffs, got off the plane.

“This doesn’t look like Ohio,” said the Grinch.

The North Pole is icy, and close to Greenland, (not Iceland. Weird, right?). The plane left the Grinch with only a few people from Greenland who were waiting for their Christmas trees to be delivered, because there are no trees in Greenland. (again, weird)

The Grinch was feeling very sad. He missed his mom so bad. He went to a store to get some hot chocolate, and there behind the counter at the hot chocolate store was Santa, the big guy himself. Santa was wearing red and white clothes, and black boots. He had a white beard, and there were elves helping Santa add the marshmallows to the hot chocolate, and blow on the hot chocolate, so it wasn’t too hot.

The Grinch took a drink of hot chocolate, “Santa,” he asked between sips, “am I on the naughty list?”

“Yes,” said Santa.

The Grinch frowned. “No, you’re on the naughty list.”

“No,” said Santa, “you’re on the naughty list.”

“No,” said the Grinch, “You’re on the naughty list.”

“Let me have your hot chocolate back,” said Santa

“No,” said the Grinch. “I need it, I’m so sad.”

“Why are you sad,” asked Santa.

“Because I miss my mom. I’m on the table”, said the Grinch, laying on the table.

“Blah,” said Santa

“I slapped myself.” said the Grinch, as he slapped himself and spilled all of his hot chocolate onto his earmuffs.

“Okay?” asked Santa.

“Poop,” said the Grinch as he wrung out the hot chocolate from his earmuffs into a cup, and then dumped the cup on Santa’s hat.

“Mom!” said Santa.

“Toot,” said the Grinch

“I just want to be done,” said Santa, and he walked away and started playing games on

So the Grinch walked away from Santa and the hot chocolate store, and went to a different hot chocolate store, called Home Depot.
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So the Grinch was at Home Depot, and bought some more hot chocolate. I have to find my way to Ohio, thought the Grinch.

One of the workers said, “Hey, I have twenty plane tickets you can have. Grab one of these tickets and go back to the airport and go to Ohio.”

That was oddly specific, thought the Grinch as he took a ticket, said nothing, and walked away.

So then he went to the airport at the North Pole, but there were no planes, and the plane ticket wasn’t a 
plane ticket it was a trap. There was a scanner near the airport, and it had this thing on it, and it scanned the fake plane ticket and a cage fell on him. He was trapped.

Luckily, the Grinch was so thin, he escaped through the bars of the cage and said. “I’m out!”

But nobody heard him, because he was all alone.

"I know how I’ll get home," said the Grinch, to no one, because he was all alone.

It was Christmas Eve, so the Grinch walked to Santa’s workshop and sneaked into the bag of presents. So when Santa flew to Ohio, the Grinch stole a few presents, jumped off of the sleigh, and walked to his mom’s house.

“I missed you so much,” said the Grinch’s mom.

“Poop,” said the Grinch as he handed her the present. It was a one thousand dollar gift card for hot chocolate.

“I don’t know what this is,” said the Grinch’s mom.

“Say thank you,” said the Grinch

“No. You say thank you,” said the Grinch’s mom.

“Ank you! Ank you! Ank you!”


The End.


  1. What a wonderful tradition. And what creative kids you have (wouldn't expect anything less considering their mom :)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks for sharing. That made me smile.

  3. What an awesome story. I loved it. What a fun Christmas tradition. We'll have to do it next year.

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. That was awesome! I can totally imagine my kids creating a character like your Santa. :)


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