Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Real Life, Really

I apologize that this post will have to be necessarily brief.
Very brief.
Sometimes, as we've discussed before, real life has to come first.
That's one reason why I found this post by Nathan Bransford very comforting and, in a way, freeing.
Thanks for understanding!

Oh, and I'll just go ahead and post The Publishing Process in GIF Form from Nathan, too. I know you've seen it - who hasn't? But it still makes me laugh. Spock is my fav - it is so completely me when I write. What part do you relate to right now?



  1. I'd never seen that GIF of publishing by Nathan Bransford, and I thought I was quite a fan of his. I'm getting behind! I will (always and forever) identify with Dean Winchester, no matter what he's doing. But especially in that post.

  2. That was the first time I'd seen that GIF as well. Thanks Susan. Extremely cool links.

  3. That pesky real life, always seems to get in the way. :)

    Both those links were awesome. I love Nathan Bransford's blog. I loved his "You don't have to write everyday post" because sometimes that "write everyday or you will never get published" advice is given as if it were the gospel truth. Everyone is different, and there are as many paths to getting published as there are aspiring writers. :)


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