Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Work in Progress- Sheena


 Melanie, Sabrina, and I are in major crunch mode for erm... the second book of the Prophecy Breakers Series.

We have to get the finalized version to our copy editor as soon as possible, and we have our final Beta reading our ending, and we decided to add a major explosion type event to the middle of the story and need to now somehow get everything back on track plotwise, while showing the effect of said event, and then our cover designer had to go and design a gorgeous cover that made us realize the title we had didn't work, so now we are scrambling for a title, and on top of all of that, it's November 10, and I'm all out of Halloween Candy, so that means, NaNoWriMo has happened.

So this is my current work in progress.

That .gif is going to give me a seizure. Thanks, Bri!





So, an update... The Novel Formally Known as Pyromancy will be published on a specific day that we know, but I've currently forgotten if its the 8th or the 9th,  of a very fast approaching month.  It's awesome, and it's on it's way to actually awesome and in your hands and I'm excited, and also nervous, because my heart is literally on the pages of this book, and there's a lot of kissing, and I'm afraid people in my church might read it.


Also, NaNoWriMo...is a thing. I've written a lot, but not enough, of a really bad first draft to Funny Tragic Shadowed Magic. I thought it'd be fun and awesome if I could get a semi finished first draft out of November, but I'm seriously doubting my brain can take much more of this.

I have no reason for this .gif, but I'm out of Halloween candy.


In conclusion, to sum up, if you have title ideas, or Halloween candy, please leave them in the comments.

Fight on, warriors!


  1. Yeah, that first gif is pretty much me too.

  2. That first gif has been me since you published the first book, about this book since the beginning, since reading a beta draft, since learning about anything.....eeeeek!! Is it January yet?!?!


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