Saturday, September 6, 2014

Writing Friends, or why we writers need real (virtual) people in our lives

So one thing you may know about writers is that we all tend to lean toward introverted personalities. This doesn't mean we're social recluses, though some of us may be, but it does mean that we're not generally surrounded by piles and piles of friends--or piles and piles of social commitments, because for introverts the act of socializing is emotionally/mentally draining, whereas extroverts get energized by being with others. For introverts, we need the time alone (staring at the screen, chewing on our bottom lip as we attempt to resolve a plot conflict we painted ourselves into a corner with) to recharge.

HOWEVER, one thing I've learned as I've embraced my introvertedness is that I still need *people* in my life. And regular people who share my passions are an important part of my social network.

Which brings me to my writing buddies. I've developed a few absolutely fantastic networks of writers (connected with existing ones, helping to form networks where none existed) over the years and it's something I find myself so grateful for. Those "Gratefulness Challenges" are going around on social media at the moment and when I read each friend's three things they're grateful for, I mentally make my own list (I haven't contributed to the meme yet, may not. I'm not a joiner, lol.) My writing friends are near the top of my list every time!

So it is with lots of excitement and happiness I get to introduce you to our newest Proser, Nina Niskanen!

Nina and I are acquainted through an online writing network that a group of us created after finishing an online writing course with Mary Robinette Kowal (I highly recommend them, if you were considering it.) I was in the first class of Mary's, Nina in the second. Our online writing network is just these two groups (16 people) because we wanted the #s to be a reasonable size. Our main writing interaction is twice weekly Google+ hangouts, which we do twice weekly and I've blogged about before.

Oh dear. I've run out of time and I'm not quite done. Posting with the intent to add more about important writing friends later!

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