Saturday, April 5, 2014

Phoning it in

No, really. I'm practically phoning it in.

I'm visiting my Mom this week (it tears my soul into tiny little pieces to not say "my parents", which explains one of many reasons I'm phoning this one in.) I don't have time to put to my usual Prosering.

HOWEVER, I stumbled upon a pretty article about writing-related pinterest boards this week and thought I would pass it along for your enjoyment.

I'll be honest, I've never given much attention to Pinterest. I find it frustrating that I can't just pin articles I like (that may or may not have pictures.) The software may have changed from when I first signed up with Pinterest, but back then it wasn't allowed. Frustrating for a writer! Much of what interests me online is *writing* and may or may not have a picture associated with it.

How do you use Pinterest? (and please don't say to plan thoughtful and adorable craft projects for your 5 year old's bday party including the fourteen-step decorated cupcakes….I might not be able to  be your friend anymore…)

Care to connect? I'm found here on Pinterest, maybe your connection will help me figure out how to make better use of it. ;)


  1. I love pintrest, and I use it all the time for writing. I have boards for my books, with images and collections of feels that get me into the right head space to write it. I use pintrest with world building.

    I also use it to search for outfits for my characters to wear. I'm not a fashionable minded person, but a quick search can give me an outfit image, that I can describe, for some added detail. There's a billion ways to use it, but it also can take away writing time, so I tread carefully so as to not get addicted. The way I am to facebook.

    Love to you and your family!

  2. Such grate ideas, Sheena, I never would have thought about using Pinterest as a world-building tool, but it does lend itself to that kind of visual pulling-togetherness. Wow. Are your writing-related boards public (or would you share them with me??!) I'd love to see them!


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