Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yet more evidence that collaborations are amazing

By now, you've probably heard that Sheena, Melanie, and I have a book coming out. You're probably tired of hearing us talk about it at this point. Oh, what's that? You're probably just saying that to be nice, but I'm going to take advantage of your niceness. Look at our cover again!

Fun game for new authors: walk down a busy street and "accidentally" drop your book*. When some kind stranger picks it up and tries to give it back to you, you can be all, "Why thank you, kind sir/ma'am! This is a very important book - look there, that's my name on the cover! It's a very excellent book available at all major retailers!"

My personal issues aside, the other thing you might be tired of hearing us talk about is collaboration. We've blogged about it once or twice. But now, only three weeks away from the publication of Alchemy, I couldn't help but share this post about a wonderfully inventive and imaginative collaboration (h/t to The Bloggess for the link):.

Collaborating with a four-year-old

Now,  if you do nothing else today, at least go read that link. Seriously, if you're low on time, ignore the rest of my post and at least go look at the pictures that the mom and her four-year-old created. They're beyond amazing and wonderful, and I sincerely hope the mom does go forward with her plan to create a story with all those creatures.

I think their end product, and the post the mother wrote illustrate some of the most important tips for creating a successful collaborative project.

1. The more different the collaborators, the more amazing the finished product can be.

2. Don't let preconceived expectations of where you think the project should go stifle creativity. Be flexible and open to new ideas.

3. Every once and a while, say yes to an unusual idea. It's very hard to give up full creative control, but it can be worth it.**

What are your favorite unusual or unexpected collaborations?

*Not recommended with e-readers.
**I'm still working on this. It really is hard!


  1. I for one, never get tired of hearing about your collaboration. So do as many blog posts on it that you want. :)

    Love the art work in that link. So creative. Kids have the best imaginations.

    Great post, and great advice on collaborating. It's tough to give up that control, but I can see how it can lead to better ideas if you keep an open mind.

  2. Amen, echoed, and seconded! I had the privileged of writing a musical with a creative team, and wow. Just wow. It's definitely an experience to bring multiple creative brains into one space. I think everyone should give it a try. =D


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