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When Caylen's father dies, she struggles to run the family farm and fears she will lose it. She looks to the local villagers for help but doesn’t find any man willing to work for a young, unmarried woman.

Landis is a drifter with no family, no home, only a horse he doesn't even name. Caylen feels a strange connection with Landis compelling her to trust him and decides to hire him. She soon discovers that both she and Landis possess the ability to know and manipulate others' thoughts and feelings.

They’re not the only ones with this power. There are others who will do anything to kill Caylen because she is so strong. Landis creates a mental bond between them claiming it is for her protection.

Through the bond, Caylen knows Landis is telling the truth; the danger to her and her family is real. But she can also feel darkness within him, and when she discovers the bond gives him access to her power, she fears he only wants to use her.

With the bond creating an intimacy between them and deepening their attraction to each other, Caylen knows if she doesn't leave him soon, she never will. She has to decide if she can trust Landis or if she needs to escape from him. But on her own, can she protect herself and her family armed only with a mental power she doesn't even know how to use?

Bonded is a fantasy novel in the process of being edited. 

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About me

I'm a biochemist turned stay at home mom, trying to write a book while chasing down kids and battling entropy.  Entropy is winning.

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